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Thanks Smidge!

Yesterday, a fellow blogger posted a recipe for Magnolia’s Iced Ginger Cookies here.  I thought they sounded simple and yummy and decided to whip up a batch for the fam.  Boy were they delicious!  They were so good that the “Iced” part never happened.  Oh well, maybe we’ll try that next time!  Thanks for sharing Smidge!


Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

For me, seasonal crops of fresh strawberries mark the beginning of summer.  Growing up, my mom would get them in large quantities freezing some for yummy Strawberry Daiquiris (mine were virgin of course!), using some for strawberry shortcake, and churning homemade strawberry ice cream with the rest.   I loved the way the kitchen smelled when she would slice them, their juicy sweetness filling the air with the smell of summer.

Well, its that time again and with such a short time to enjoy strawberries in their full glory I am taking advantage!  Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Just a Smidgen, I found this recipe!   First was Strawberry Cake, now this, Strawberry Shortcake Cookies!  These delectable little bites of strawberry goodness are so moist and just sweet enough making them so addicting.  Unfortunately, I did not have the Lemoncello, and since it was Sunday, I had no access, but rest assured, no harm done!  Next time Lemoncello!  As a side note, we added a dollop of vanilla ice cream on some of the warm cookies out of the oven…need I say more?


My heart is slowly melting these days as I watch my son rapidly hit certain milestones.  I know the inevitable is here.  He has grown up and will soon begin his own life in this great big world.  I am incredibly proud of him and can’t wait for him to spread his wings but I will miss those little moments with him like hearing his big feet which were once so little, padding down the stairs every morning before school.  I will miss the relief I feel every night when I hear his car pull safely in the driveway from an evening out and I will even miss the sometimes not-so-comfortable teenage talks we have.  There is so much I will miss but so many proud moments to look forward to. This weekend was a prime example as I watched him behave like such a gentleman for his Senior Prom.

Well done Zachary!

Right or Left, Left or Right?

I love my household, a place where we can agree to disagree on everything from politics to sports and still go to bed with a heartfelt “I love you”!  We even wake to a mug full of a little humor in the morning just to keep us on track!

Any guess on who’s who?  Just for fun!

Happy election year!

Sharing the love

My adorable niece and her very sweet friend came to visit and spend the weekend with me!  My invitation to them was purely selfish knowing it would mean a weekend of girl talk, baking, singing and dancing (courtesy of the Wii), and of course my favorite… sharing Greenville with them.  Watching them ooh and ahh over all the little nuances of our city, which I love, made me giddy!  The shops, the water features and even the Mice on Main were a huge hit!  I followed them around, camera in hand, listening to their giggles and watching their eyes light up at every turn! 

Pure bliss! 

Thank you girls for reminding what it is like to be young and carefree!  You are both so much fun!  XO



Oh to be a child again! 

To have the freedom to wear pink footies with black polka dots, don cute black wedge heels with buckles, and top it off with a flowing, aqua, floral, chiffon skirt!  To then decide that it would be great fun to climb a pretty, green slope of grass in the park and instead of rolling down the hill like the rest of the kids, decide to run down it as fast as you can to your daddy’s open arms where you know he’ll catch you.  No fear of what might happen to your ankle in those wedges or worries of falling and rolling down the hill all the way to the bottom, just plain fun and trust that your daddy will be there waiting so that you can enjoy the moment! 

Oh to be a child again!*

*This adorable little girl captured my attention at Falls Park yesterday!