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Falling for Greenville once again

Today, Greenville spoiled us yet once again with her charming self!  We started out with an enjoyable breakfast with some great company at the Green Room and followed it up with a day of music, people watching, and lounging at Fall for Greenville.  Greenville never fails to welcome you in and wrap you up in her presense!


Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

For me, seasonal crops of fresh strawberries mark the beginning of summer.  Growing up, my mom would get them in large quantities freezing some for yummy Strawberry Daiquiris (mine were virgin of course!), using some for strawberry shortcake, and churning homemade strawberry ice cream with the rest.   I loved the way the kitchen smelled when she would slice them, their juicy sweetness filling the air with the smell of summer.

Well, its that time again and with such a short time to enjoy strawberries in their full glory I am taking advantage!  Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Just a Smidgen, I found this recipe!   First was Strawberry Cake, now this, Strawberry Shortcake Cookies!  These delectable little bites of strawberry goodness are so moist and just sweet enough making them so addicting.  Unfortunately, I did not have the Lemoncello, and since it was Sunday, I had no access, but rest assured, no harm done!  Next time Lemoncello!  As a side note, we added a dollop of vanilla ice cream on some of the warm cookies out of the oven…need I say more?


That’s the true harbinger of spring, not crocuses or swallows returning to Capistrano, but the sound of a bat on a ball.  ~Bill Veeck, 1976

And what a sweet sound it is!  While spending Saturday morning at the cherry blossom-surrounded Fluor Field, I couldn’t help but feel the excitement and anticipation for Opening Day!  The grounds were being preened, kids were testing out the new seats, and the “Ballpark Dog” was giving his final approval!  Even the mustard and ketchup were anxiously awaiting their over use!

So time for March Madness to come to a close (Go Buckeyes!) and for the boys of summer to do their thing.

Let’s Play Ball!!

Chilly Daffodilly

I appreciate all the beautiful, warm weather Mother Nature has blessed us with for the past many weeks.  Spring flowers have felt safe enough to peek their heads up to the sun, the forever mated pair of geese that habitate at my place of work have already started looking for that perfect nesting spot, and picnic blankets have draped our park lawns with her adoring audience.

BUT…Today was cold and windy!  I must say that Mother Nature is testing our loyalty!  I felt  a little challenged today in my devotion to her best judgement but know that she has her reasons and that she will soon again shower us with her glowing warmth and love! 

My poor daffodils could only hang their heads, bear down, and hang in there through the 54 degree day!  Poor us!

Happy February 25th!