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Falling for Greenville once again

Today, Greenville spoiled us yet once again with her charming self!  We started out with an enjoyable breakfast with some great company at the Green Room and followed it up with a day of music, people watching, and lounging at Fall for Greenville.  Greenville never fails to welcome you in and wrap you up in her presense!


Rainer’s. I love this place!

I have found a new downtown love and it goes by the name of Rainer’s.

This quirky cafe/art gallery offers fresh, delicious options for lunch, dinner, or dessert and showcases fun art from local artists and from those around the world.  Almost everything is for sale!  The chairs you sit on, the table you eat at or the paintings on the walls!  They could all be yours!  Best of all…Rainer’s is cell phone free!  You must take your calls outside!  Goodbye rude cell phone people!  I hope to see other places follow suit!

On our maiden visit, I ordered the Pesto Tomato Panini with a side of Mediterranean Pasta while the husband settled for the Cuban with a side of fresh fruit!  Yum, yum, and more yum!  Unfortunately, we did not leave room for dessert but maybe next time, say…after The Lion King at the Peace Center …maybe?

Beautiful Beaufort…Pronounced “Byoofert”

So of course we had to take a trip to town when we went coastal last weekend!  And what a great idea that was (you’re welcome)!  The scenic waterfront, quaint downtown, and charming historic homes of Beaufort begged us to wind our way on foot through her streets and linger awhile.  And really, with all the lovely porch swings along the river, the welcoming outdoor dining and the swaying of Spanish Moss in the trees, how could one not laze around and have their breath taken away.  The slow pace, soft breeze, and sea air is truly mesmerizing.

We stopped at Common Ground Coffee for an energy boost and off we went strolling through neighborhoods where the Big Chill and Forces of Nature were filmed and where three hundred year old churches stood watching over us all.  We were wrapped up by this welcoming little city and could not get enough.

Having spent a good bit of time in Charleston and a weekend in Savannah, I have found that I enjoy the coastal south immencely.  Add Beaufort in the mix and I am certain that this is where I will end up one day!  So take a look.  I hope this inspires a visit!   Also, click on the following link to see a video montage of local sights.  http://vimeo.com/user9151733/beaufortsc

All I can say is that there’s a sweetness here, a Southern sweetness, that makes sweet music. . . . If I had to tell somebody who had never been to the South, who had never heard of soul music, what it was, I’d just have to tell him that it’s music from the heart, from the pulse, from the innermost feeling. That’s my soul; that’s how I sing. And that’s the South.”
— Al Green

Sharing the love

My adorable niece and her very sweet friend came to visit and spend the weekend with me!  My invitation to them was purely selfish knowing it would mean a weekend of girl talk, baking, singing and dancing (courtesy of the Wii), and of course my favorite… sharing Greenville with them.  Watching them ooh and ahh over all the little nuances of our city, which I love, made me giddy!  The shops, the water features and even the Mice on Main were a huge hit!  I followed them around, camera in hand, listening to their giggles and watching their eyes light up at every turn! 

Pure bliss! 

Thank you girls for reminding what it is like to be young and carefree!  You are both so much fun!  XO