Sharing the love

My adorable niece and her very sweet friend came to visit and spend the weekend with me!  My invitation to them was purely selfish knowing it would mean a weekend of girl talk, baking, singing and dancing (courtesy of the Wii), and of course my favorite… sharing Greenville with them.  Watching them ooh and ahh over all the little nuances of our city, which I love, made me giddy!  The shops, the water features and even the Mice on Main were a huge hit!  I followed them around, camera in hand, listening to their giggles and watching their eyes light up at every turn! 

Pure bliss! 

Thank you girls for reminding what it is like to be young and carefree!  You are both so much fun!  XO



2 thoughts on “Sharing the love

  1. Alexa Moyer

    oh my gosh, how cute are they!! I bet they had a blast with you. I wish I could’ve joined in on the girls’ weekend!!

    and Emma looks soooo cute in those hats! I can’t wait for her to see these photos.


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