My heart is slowly melting these days as I watch my son rapidly hit certain milestones.  I know the inevitable is here.  He has grown up and will soon begin his own life in this great big world.  I am incredibly proud of him and can’t wait for him to spread his wings but I will miss those little moments with him like hearing his big feet which were once so little, padding down the stairs every morning before school.  I will miss the relief I feel every night when I hear his car pull safely in the driveway from an evening out and I will even miss the sometimes not-so-comfortable teenage talks we have.  There is so much I will miss but so many proud moments to look forward to. This weekend was a prime example as I watched him behave like such a gentleman for his Senior Prom.

Well done Zachary!


4 thoughts on “Prom

  1. Harper Faulkner

    I’d like to know why his date is wearing jeans and has her shirttail out. If he gets all dressed up, she should, too! However, my congrats to your son. She’s a looker! HF


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