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Falling for Greenville once again

Today, Greenville spoiled us yet once again with her charming self!  We started out with an enjoyable breakfast with some great company at the Green Room and followed it up with a day of music, people watching, and lounging at Fall for Greenville.  Greenville never fails to welcome you in and wrap you up in her presense!


Good for the Soul

If you’re looking for a place to go out into our great outdoors to refresh, unwind, or just be, I found it!

A day trip to Jones Gap State Park was just what the Dr. ordered.  With a PB&J, my trusty Nikon, and some water stowed in my backpack I was off on a solo hike to Rainbow Falls.

Though the hike is only about 4 miles round trip, it will get you sweating and your heart pumping with a total accent of 1,171 feet.  Your treat is waiting for you at the end of your climb with a gorgeous 100 foot free-falling waterfall, spraying mist and roaring onto the rocks below.  Apparently, when the sun is out and hits the falls just right, the mist creates a beautiful rainbow effect, hence the name.

The falls, however, are not the only treat on the trail.  Most of the hike is along the Saluda river or other streams leading to it, so the lovely sound of flowing water is never far away.  There are also many rock formations, moss, ferns, flowers, and an endless canopy of green to enjoy as you traverse the trail.  When you’re ready for a break, the rocks in the Saluda River are a great place to rest your bones, eat a PB&J, and take it all in.

This is definitely what I call soul food!

Rainer’s. I love this place!

I have found a new downtown love and it goes by the name of Rainer’s.

This quirky cafe/art gallery offers fresh, delicious options for lunch, dinner, or dessert and showcases fun art from local artists and from those around the world.  Almost everything is for sale!  The chairs you sit on, the table you eat at or the paintings on the walls!  They could all be yours!  Best of all…Rainer’s is cell phone free!  You must take your calls outside!  Goodbye rude cell phone people!  I hope to see other places follow suit!

On our maiden visit, I ordered the Pesto Tomato Panini with a side of Mediterranean Pasta while the husband settled for the Cuban with a side of fresh fruit!  Yum, yum, and more yum!  Unfortunately, we did not leave room for dessert but maybe next time, say…after The Lion King at the Peace Center …maybe?

There she was… just a chicken down the street…

Yes, a local girl, an Aracona chicken to be exact, belonging to one of my fellow co-workers! 

Lately, I have been purchasing many an egg from “tour guide Rick”.  We bring our used egg crates in to him which he refills and brings back full!  The eggs are courtesy of his hard working gals in the hen house he built with his own two hands!  

I love the fact that the eggs are so fresh, that they come from a local supplier and friend, and that many of them are green!  Yes, green!  Though my son and husband scoffed at the idea of green eggs, I sure didn’t see a drop of egg left on their plates! This reinforces the idea that you can’t judge an egg by it’s shell!

These little purchases get me excited for local farmer’s markets to open in May and for Saturday morning trips downtown to load up on produce, baked goods, and other fares from local folks!  I am even looking forward to May 12, (yes, put it on your calendar honey)where I can check out local growers on an Urban Farm Tour of over 25 sites!

So here’s to healty eating, buying local, and colorful refrigerators!  Cheers!