There she was… just a chicken down the street…

Yes, a local girl, an Aracona chicken to be exact, belonging to one of my fellow co-workers! 

Lately, I have been purchasing many an egg from “tour guide Rick”.  We bring our used egg crates in to him which he refills and brings back full!  The eggs are courtesy of his hard working gals in the hen house he built with his own two hands!  

I love the fact that the eggs are so fresh, that they come from a local supplier and friend, and that many of them are green!  Yes, green!  Though my son and husband scoffed at the idea of green eggs, I sure didn’t see a drop of egg left on their plates! This reinforces the idea that you can’t judge an egg by it’s shell!

These little purchases get me excited for local farmer’s markets to open in May and for Saturday morning trips downtown to load up on produce, baked goods, and other fares from local folks!  I am even looking forward to May 12, (yes, put it on your calendar honey)where I can check out local growers on an Urban Farm Tour of over 25 sites!

So here’s to healty eating, buying local, and colorful refrigerators!  Cheers!


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