Rainer’s. I love this place!

I have found a new downtown love and it goes by the name of Rainer’s.

This quirky cafe/art gallery offers fresh, delicious options for lunch, dinner, or dessert and showcases fun art from local artists and from those around the world.  Almost everything is for sale!  The chairs you sit on, the table you eat at or the paintings on the walls!  They could all be yours!  Best of all…Rainer’s is cell phone free!  You must take your calls outside!  Goodbye rude cell phone people!  I hope to see other places follow suit!

On our maiden visit, I ordered the Pesto Tomato Panini with a side of Mediterranean Pasta while the husband settled for the Cuban with a side of fresh fruit!  Yum, yum, and more yum!  Unfortunately, we did not leave room for dessert but maybe next time, say…after The Lion King at the Peace Center …maybe?


3 thoughts on “Rainer’s. I love this place!

  1. Alexa Moyer

    “the husband” hahaha. that was funny!

    this place looks so cool! and such a neat concept. i was just telling someone the other day how much greenville has grown and changed since i went away to school. it just keeps getting better!


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