Red Rock Canyon

So since gambling is not my thing and the bright lights got old, I chose to rent a car, drive about 20 miles west of Vegas and visit an incredibly beautiful part of our country in the Mojave Desert, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  In 1990, this 195,819 acre piece of land was designated an NCA to help fund and protect this area of Nevada.  It is the 7th NCA in the nation.

A 13 mile scenic loop winds you through this expansive land while giving many opportunities for stopping and enjoying the scenery.  Cyclists, hikers, and photographers alike soak in the surroundings and enjoy the changing view as the sun hides behind and then emerges from the clouds.

Plant life abounds in this area of very little rainfall and all sorts of animals, reptiles, and birds have adapted to survive in this harsh environment.  I was so excited to see wild burros sleeping and grazing in one of the canyons! And also very excited to not see any of the reptiles or amphibians that reside here!

The different rock formations created over the course of millions of years show the changes resulting from the rocks being part of the ocean, turning into swamps and then deserts, and finally to where the area is now, thrust faulting.  Wind, rain, ice, and gravity combined their efforts and used these rock formations as their canvas to create one beautiful work of art that has taken millions of years to create.  Lovely!




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