Curiouser and curiouser

Today I realized just how easy it is to miss some pretty incredible things in our world when we don’t change our perspective from time to time.

Last weekend I took a solo hike to Rainbow Falls in Jones Gap State Park. I hiked two miles in and two miles out.  It was full of water elements, moss, flowers, and rocks which were absolutely beautiful.  I took my time photographing things near and far.  I took the same hike in and out today with my husband and a couple of our friends again seeing the same incredible landscape and taking more photographs.  But it wasn’t until our way back (my fourth time on this particular path in a week!) that the mushrooms appeared.  Could it possibly be that we fell down a rabbit hole and into a lovely little wonderland of fungi?

I think not!  I was just not paying attention!  Well thank goodness for someone elses perspective because today a very curious new world was opened up to me!

The Crew

Sassafras Tree leaves! Taste and smell like Froot Loops!!! I swear!

Not the rabbit hole! Thank goodness!!

Pretty rainbow trout!


3 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser


    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Please call me anytime you want to hike!! 🙂

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