Raising the Bar Strength & Conditioning

I’ve wanted to try star trail photography for some time, simply to have it at my disposal as a technique to use, should I feel the desire. Turns out it’s not terribly difficult, just incredibly particular and rather finicky to set up.

I read some online articles here and here, as well as the applicable sections of my camera manual and handbook. Then I took all the information and patched it into a plan of sorts. Here’s the first result and I’m rather pleased.

The slight reddish spots in the upper left-hand corner are due to the headlights of a car pulling into the drive just as I was finishing up.

Specs and notes:

  • 17 minute exposure
  • F4
  • Polaris-centred (the star in the middle is the North Star)
  • tripod used
  • remote shutter release used, with camera set on “bulb” (this means it starts taking the photo when you…

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2 thoughts on “

  1. VickyTH

    The hardest part is leaving the camera alone while the shot is being taken. I also have a harder time staying up late, at least, more so than I used to.

    The technique really gobbles batteries, though, so make sure you have them fully-charged before you start!


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