Hunting Island

South Carolina has so many beautiful state parks to visit.  Each have their own special views and features.  Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, mountains…these parks have it all. I can go back time and again and never fail to be awestruck!

Last weekend I made my first trip to Hunting Island which is outside of Beaufort.  Though I went solo and wished I had someone to share it with (hint, hint) I savored every view, sound, and smell.  This place is incredible!  It is full of all sorts of wildlife, semi-tropical plants and fauna and a most amazing coastline.  The north end of the island is strewn with tangled trees that have fallen due to heavy erosion since 1980.  It’s beautiful but sad to know that the islands size is expected to shrink by 10% over the next 40 years.

The island is also home to a beautiful lighthouse which is the only one of many lighthouses in South Carolina that is open to the public.  In 1889, the lighthouse was moved to its current home after erosion forced this sentry of the sea to be dismantled and relocated.  If you climb the stairs to the top you will find a scope with a tiny silhouette pointing out to where the lighthouse once stood and you will also get a most spectacular view of the maritime forest and the coastline.

I know there is so much more of this island to explore including its winding estuaries and trails.  I so look forward to my next visit but this time I want company!  There is just too much beauty for my eyes only people!

Two side notes:

1:  Wear all mosquito armour you have, especially in the summer from what I hear.

2:  This island was used as the backdrop for the Vietnam scenes in Forrest Gump!


One thought on “Hunting Island

  1. beaufortninja

    Hey! That’s my hometown. The deer are also tame at the camp ground since so many tourists leave food laying around. The mosquitoes shouldn’t be too bad on the beach itself .


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