Vacation at home

You know you love your city when you chose to travel a mere 12 miles from home to vacation for the weekend! 

Other than our construction view, our stay at the Hampton Inn at Riverplace was stellar.  Besides being in the middle of all the shops, restaurants, parks and bars, this hotel also offers a pretty view of the Reedy River.  When the amphitheater construction across the river is complete, folks will be able to step out on their balcony to listen to and watch the summer concerts playing.  Art studios line the walkway below, children play in the fountains, and just around the corner is The Peace Center where you can catch a broadway show like the Lion King or Les Miserables. 

There is so much that Greenville has to offer that a weekend retreat seemed like a great idea! Aaannnd…since it was a birthday weekend to boot, we decided to oblige our great idea and head downtown!

Items of interest:  Fords Oyster House, Imprints of a City


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