Building Dreams

Last week my son’s high school participated in the Mauldin H.S. Spirit Week.  It is an annual fundraiser to raise money for Building Dreams Mentoring Program, a program dedicated to providing mentoring services to children who are affected by incarceration.  Spirit week involves the student body in all sorts of fun events… dodgeball tournaments, bake sales, silent auctions, a Senior Sweetheart Ball, a talent contest and so much more. 

This year they raised over $82,000!  This puts the school at just around $1 million raised over the years!

Congratulations Mauldin High School for your successful campaign!  Way to go Mavericks!  You all rock!

Zach during "Favorite Decade Dress-Up Day"...Nice!

As youth, we’re committed to breaking social barriers by building dreams for future generations. We’re giving our time in support of Building Dreams to build awareness for the impact that incarceration has on young people. We envision a safe and inclusive environment where everyone has a friend to turn to in times of need, and Mauldin Spirit Week enables us to transform this dream into reality. ~  Mauldin HS Student Body


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