Valley of the Sun

The privilege was all mine when I was asked to attend a national meeting for my line of business in Phoenix this week.  Though my time was mostly spent in conference rooms or lecture halls, I got enough glimpses of this beautiful city to make me want to come back someday and explore her beautiful surroundings.
Her flat landscape interrupted only by jagged mounds was unlike anything I have ever seen.  And though a short one hour walk before returning to the airport and 2 cab rides were the extent of my exploring, I got a taste for the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the downtown area. 
The new architecture mixed with the old and the sun’s rays combined to make for beautiful lighting and shadows throughout the city.  It glowed morning and night!  And of course there was the cacti…which surprisingly I had to search for!  Palm trees were everywhere and made for a beautiful up lit canopy at an evening reception we had, and the South Mountains, the largest municipal park in the world, spanned the entire southern view from the city!
Oh how I love to travel and see new places!  I will make another trip to Phoenix a priority and I am even considering emailing Samantha Brown to see if I could possibly be her protege! Ahhhh…one can only dream!


One thought on “Valley of the Sun

  1. Alexa

    Andddd Phoenix is now on my list. That architecture is gorgeous! It looks like such a fun city!And those cacti….they look so fuzzy! But I know better 🙂


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