Greenville, SC makes Forbes top ten!

I know I sound like a broken record but Forbes Magazine is now backing me up so I must continue!
Thanks to our downtown’s eclectic mix of restaurants, art, sports, great festivals and great people, Greenville, South Carolina has made the Forbes top ten list of America’s best downtowns. We rank up there with cities like Chicago, San Antonio, Burlington, and Indianapolis, and if you come visit, you’ll find out why!
With tree lined streets, outdoor cafe’s, and a river meandering it’s way through town, Greenville wraps her arm around you like an old friend and welcomes you in. Whether strolling through Fall’s Park, catching a Drive game at our mini “Green Monster”, or just stopping at one of our lively watering holes, you can’t help but settle in and enjoy! We are even going to have outdoor ice skating this year in a somewhat Rockefeller tradition on Main Street! Stay tuned for future photos of my husband twirling me around on the ice!! He can’t wait!
So friends and family, please come visit soon! I have so much to show you! And if I’m lucky I may even entice you to move here! XOXO


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