October Memories

This picture just makes me smile!  Taken 37 years ago, it shows me and my brother with our soon-to-be-carved pumpkins wearing clothes that my mother made for us.  It reminds me of where I get my love of pumpkin carving, seasonal baking and picture taking…My mom!

I remember watching my mom sit at the dining room table with her scissors snip, snip, snipping and the sewing machine whirring away and wondering what sort of new creation she was going to come up with.  Most certainly, something was baking in the oven and the house was filled with the sweet smells of cookies, pies, or cakes. 

My mom was always making something… Halloween costumes, holiday outfits, back to school duds and even my very favorite Raggedy Ann doll!  It amazed me to see her in action…so much so, that as an adult, I myself have attempted to sew, craft and bake though not always as well (I even made a Raggedy Ann doll myself with the same pattern my mom used!).  I thank her from the bottom of my heart for doing all she did to make such happy, lasting memories for me!  Thanks mom!


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