I really don’t care where Snickerdoodles came from… the Germans, the Dutch, or New Englanders!  What I do care about is how yummy they are when you pop one of these light chewy cookies in your mouth! 

I have made two batches this week, both of which lasted for only one day and neither of which I was able to enjoy more than a cookie or two!  With cinnamon sugar coated mouths and big grins, it’s not hard to figure out who the cookie monsters are in my house!  Even Jake made a sneaky yet failed attempt to heist a few!

Oh well…Snickerdoodles are easy to bake and are well worth the yummy goodness they offer so I guess another batch will soon be filling my kitchen with sweet smells. 

I think I’ll hide a few for myself this time!

P.S. Use a recipe that uses Cream of Tarter…for some reason I like the taste of the cookies better!


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