A Fleeting Weekend

Though I got a late start for my New York weekend, I was treated to a spectacular sunset above the clouds which I never would have seen had my first flight not been cancelled and had my second flight been on time!  This also meant that dinner would be postponed until …say…11pm (thanks for waiting ladies)!  New York always seems to hand me a fistful of firsts!
Enter the weekend of subways, shopping, walking, shopping, eating, shopping, laughing, shopping and at 1:15am on Saturday…SHOPPING!  Yes, Forever 21 was packed with shoppers when we stopped in after a comedy show we went to!  It looked like it was 12 noon on a Saturday instead!  Only in New York!
Chelsea Market, Union Square Farmer’s Market, Shake Shack burgers, harvest time, Turkish food, Times Square and a local flea market!  These are just a few of the places and experiences that soaked up our very short but wonderful girls weekend in the Big Apple! 


One thought on “A Fleeting Weekend

  1. Alexa

    These came out so great! I just love that Shake Shack one. It really shows the movement!Thank you so much for coming and for being such a trooper even when you weren't feeling good. What a fun weekend we had šŸ™‚


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