"Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!"

Have you ever wondered where that saying came from?   Well guess what!  It originated in Savannah, Georgia! 
Savannah’s trees are cloaked with Spanish moss!  I love how it drips off the branches of the huge Oaks and flows in the breeze.  It is so beautiful I could sit there and watch it all day!  You may not want to touch it however!  Apparently, settlers used to stuff their mattresses with the moss only to find it was full of chiggers!  Hence the saying!

Savannah is a haven of history, architecture, charm, and beauty!  I read that the city feels like a combination of New Orleans and Boston with a bunch of Southern hospitality mixed in.  All I really know is that I loved it!  Though it doesn’t quite have the wow factor of Charleston’s Battery, and the riverfront was a little too touristy for me, it’s gridded streets dotted with 21 pretty parks left me wanting for more! 

As the sun went down, Savannah’s nightlife emerged!  Wow!  Music, food, children enjoying a surprisingly wet light show and adults acting like…well…let’s just say… not like adults!  It was fun people watching, skyline gazing, and taking in the sights and sounds of the city!  Again…I am wanting to go back for more!  Hint! Hint!

We hit the hay, (not the Spaninish moss!) at a conservative 1:30am!  We needed a good 5 hours of sleep to recharge!  I still had things to see in the morning before we headed home and according to the “Captain”, 11:00am was departure time. And we all know that means 11:00am!!!!!!

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