Ohio is the state I called home for most of my first 23 years on Earth and a state that many of my family still inhabit.  Some of my fondest memories were born there and not a day goes by where I don’t recollect and share with people some of my most favorite love-of-Ohio-and-the-people-in-it tidbits.  Just ask my husband!

Ohio is the place where my mother, with the world’s greenest thumb lives and where the Pro Football Hall of Fame stands.  It’s where my quirky, loveable niece and nephews call home and where the best homemade rootbeer is made!  It’s where my extended family continues to add to our brood and where  the BEST athletic teams in the world reside! 

I am proud of and love where I am from.  It is part of me and who I am.  And though I now love living in the beautiful state of South Carolina, Ohio will always have a special place in my heart and will always be a place I call Home.


Balloon Festival Fun

Hall of Fame Kick-off Race

More Precious Family Members


One thought on “Ohio

  1. Alexa

    oh my WORD this is enough for six posts!! hahaha.What a fun time! I especially like the root beer sign and the hot air balloons. So summery!p.s. I want to squeeze those baby toes and Madison looks like your daughter.


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