On Being a Cloud Watcher

Watching clouds overhead has always been so facinating to me.  White and fluffy, thin and wispy, or heavy and menacing, it doesn’t matter, they always draw my attention.  They can be a big mass of white billowing puffs towering in the distance or individual puffs taking shapes that are limited only by our imaginations. 

I love the way they give us free evening shows when they reflect the diminishing sun’s rays or the way they bubble like a cauldron when forming a storm.  I love the way they offer us a refreshing break from the hot sun if even for only a moment and the way they hover in the nooks and crannies of the fields on my early morning drives to work.

I will never tire of looking above at the ever changing beauty of the clouds!


One thought on “On Being a Cloud Watcher

  1. Alexa

    Gorgeous! Clouds really are fascinating. They almost don't look real! But you have done a beautiful job capturing them. More, please!


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