A few more glimpses from my week at the lake

The rush of water on your feet, pretty flowers watered by afternoon showers, and blue herons trying to keep out of sight… These are just of the few of the benefits of lake living. 

You also get to enjoy the lovely, warm feeling you get when the lake bounces the sun’s rays off her surface and into your smiling face!

And how can you top a delightfully warm, backberry cobbler made from the fresh blackberries you pick in the wood beside your house?  OK…Maybe you add a scoop of creamy, vanilla ice cream and eat it by candlelight!

Quaint little stores filled with antiques and what-nots allow you to treasure hunt and step back in time but try to avoid the disturbing dolls or you may want to cut your shopping short!

And then there are those sunsets made extra spectacular by the afternoon storms…

Early mornings greet you with sounds of many birds, a horse’s whinny, and views of light seeping through the dewy trees.   A pretty pair of swings beg you to sit down and pay attention to what is around you!

Oh how I love the lake and her magic! 

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