Oh! How I miss having another girl in the house!

This weekend made me appreciate how much fun it is to have another female back in the house!  Between the all male members of the current household along with the dog, and Zach’s constantly hungry friends, I tend to feel outnumbered! 

Well not this weekend!  My awesome mom once again came through for us and got Alexa a ticket to fly home and surprise her dad for Father’s Day!  It is so nice having her around!  I actually had conversations that had substance! (With gads of teenage boys in the house at any given time, the most they can come up with is…”Hey Miss Christy!  What do you have to eat?”)  So needless to say I savored every moment of girl time!  Farmer’s Market, shopping, and lunch…Oh My!  Now all I need to do is click my ruby slippers and wish her back in two weeks!


One thought on “Oh! How I miss having another girl in the house!

  1. Alexa

    LOVE! I loved being home with you and your orange cake and our lunch date. And our talks of substance haha. And I love that photo of me and dad, which I didn't even know you took. Makes me melt! Two weeks will fly by 🙂


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