White Water, Fun Friends, and a Great Time

Saturday was spent navigating the white water of the Chattooga River, (aka Cahulawassee) with friends.  We booked a trip with Southeastern Expeditions several months ago and I am so glad we did!  What a great time we all had!

The day started with some instructions from our guide Hunter, a short, cramped bus ride to the put-in, and an equipment laden walk to the water. My excitement was hardly contained!  I took it upon myself to take a picture of our whole group with my little waterproof disposable camera, not the best quality but what’s a girl to do without her Nikon!  Right?

The team, geared up with vests, paddles, and helmets and we all agreed that we never smelled better!

Our guide Hunter gave great instructions during the trip but I quickly found out that under pressure, I seemed to forget one very important thing I learned in kindergarten…my left from my right!  Oh well, it gave the rest of the crew behind me some great laughs plus I wasn’t the only one who seemed to have forgotten that very important detail …now did I Ashley? 
We quickly learned that when you are on white water, a lot of it ends up in the boat!  For some odd reason, the guys really enjoyed bailing us out!  I think because they thought it made them look manly!

After we ate lunch by Deliverance Rock we loaded back up in the raft and headed to a very pretty waterfall for some pictures.  The mist was all through the air and oh how I wish I had my Nikon!

One whole boat got turned over at this little rapid!  Yep! The whole crew upside down!
I must say our crew was pretty savy on the water for the whole trip with only a few mishaps! 

I know, I know…Show off right?

A little extra frollicking at a jumping rock!

Loading “Grace” back in the boat! 
On our way home the storms came and gave our trees and grass a much needed drink!  The sun was not willing to give up so easily so we were treated to this “little pretty” which our front bumper followed for a ways down the highway.  We never did manage to find the pot of gold but we were mighty close!
We had such a wonderful time and I have to thank Jeff, Ashley, Kevin and Ashley for making it so!  They are so much fun and I can’t wait to do something with them again soon!

One thought on “White Water, Fun Friends, and a Great Time

  1. Alexa

    Oh how fun!!! I bet you guys were exhausted at the end!Love that photo of you and Dad drenched on the rock. So cute!These photos are great — and there is a reason you didn't take your Nikon. It wasn't made to swim!! 🙂


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