Lazy Hazy Dog Days Already?

We have not yet reached the first day of summer but the hot, sunny weather we are having makes me beg to differ.  On days like this, you can either stay inside with the comfort of air conditioning or you can go where there is water to cool you off and sunshine to enjoy! 

On Saturday, we chose the latter.  We piled floats, tennis balls, food and Jake into our boat and set out for a day at the lake!  We landed on a nice beach where we played catch and fetch, floated around on a raft and lounged in the sand.  We then ventured to the rope swing where we dared each other to scale the rock wall and then swing out into the deep water.  Lazy, summer Saturdays…I love you!



One thought on “Lazy Hazy Dog Days Already?

  1. Alexa

    That rope swing looks so fun! And that first photo of Jake made me laugh out loud. What a ham!Fun, fun, fun!Thanks so much for posting these. Keeps me in on your weekends đŸ™‚


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