My weekend

Great food, people and music set the stage for yet another wonderful evening in Greenville on Thursday.  Don Felder of the Eagles performed behind the Hugenot Mill Loft with the Reedy River flowing in the background.  He broke out “Hotel California” first and continued to entertain us the whole evening!  He was awesome!  I really think all the celebrities that visited Greenville this weekend for the BMW Charity Pro-Am were highly impressed!  What’s not to love??
On Friday, Davey had Austin over and I couldn’t help but awe at how much these two have grown!  It was so nice to have the boys together.  They spent the evening beating the “old man” at horse and pig and then chowing down at IHOP!  Yes IHOP!
Saturday was off the the races to “get our red out”!  We spent the night watching bi-planes swoop overhead, cars zip around the race track and lots of people making fools of themselves!  Highly entertaining I must say!  Oh yea!  I almost forgot!  We even set a Guiness World record for having the most flashlights illuminated at one time! 
“Good Times…Good Times…”

One thought on “My weekend

  1. Alexa

    Looks like such a fun weekend! Love that first airplane photo–colors look so pretty in that lighting.And those are two handsome boys!


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