This weekend meant strolling down Main Street in my beloved Greenville at the annual Artisphere Festival. Rated as one of the top 20 arts festivals in the nation, Artisphere did not disappoint! Thousands of paintings, sculptures, jewelry and much more adorned the beautiful streets. There were many events for children as well in the Kidsphere section, inviting a new generation of future Artisphere participants to take part in the very family oriented event.

 There were glass blowers…very hot!
Street performers…very tall!
Adorable children enjoying the day!

Beautiful skylines…

Clever young men!

and a much needed pitstop at Carolina Alehouse!

After a couple of these…

I was brave enough to hold this!

Yep…that was a first!
It would have been nice if I had seen the sign that said “No Photographs” before I took these.  Instead of getting a slap on the wrist, I instead listened intently to the artist explain his work and was able to walk off without having to delete my shots!!

A stroll back to the car and a pretty evening sky made us appreciate that the nearby storms managed to skirt around us while we were once again able to enjoy our beautiful town!


One thought on “Artisphere

  1. Alexa

    Where to start? The photo of the clouds and skyline looks like a postcard, you are so brave for holding that snake, and I bet those glassblowers were really fun to watch! People are so crafty. And YOU are such a great street photographer. These photos make me feel like I was there!


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