Sunny with a Chance of Iceballs

Yesterday was a muggy, sunny day, the kind of day in the South that tends to produce late afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  Well… not only did we get showers and thunderstorms, we got golfballs falling from the sky!  I have never seen hail like this in my 42 years on Earth so I felt it was worthy of sharing on my blog!  Go ahead, ooh and ahh and wow yourselves silly because this did happen!

And if I could figure out how to make the video I took of this event smaller, I would have been able to post it as well as prove that I wasn’t just getting creative with some water in the freezer!  Ahhh…technology!


One thought on “Sunny with a Chance of Iceballs

  1. Alexa

    I canNOT believe that!! I was thinking hail…kind of like sleet…but in warm weather, not winter…ha! That is crazy. It's a wonder it didn't break windows!


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