New York Minutes

In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute
You can get out of the rain
~The Eagles~

Our first day in New York started early.  We ventured to Alexa’s apartment to drop off our bags.  When we arrived, our perfect hostess had a lovely little note with a map waiting for us! She had prepaid metro cards and a pot of coffee for us as well!  Our day had officially begun! 

We met Alexa for lunch and ate at Bryant Park in the sunshine, surrounded by blooms!  We then got to go to her office to finally see where she works!  She has a door!  We were impressed and proud!

Sadly, we had to leave her for a few hours while she finished her day at work so back out to the streets of New York we went only to be greeted by this…

So when in New York and the weather becomes bad, why not try out a museum?
So off to the Museum of Natural History we went.  I loved it!  Even with some of the exhibits closed, it was overwhelming with 4 floors of all sorts of cool stuff!  Check it out…

So our rainy afternoon museum trip was well worth our time and it kept us occupied until we needed to head back to meet our working girl. 

Then it was off to Veselka to eat some Ukrainian soul food with one of Alexa’s former professors and her husband.  We had a great time and the weather had cleared so we could eat outside.  What a great first day we had but it was only the beginning to one of the most wonderful of weekends with family in this great big city! 


One thought on “New York Minutes

  1. Alexa

    hahaha this post makes me giggle! I love the title/lyrics. So fitting for your first day here! That storm rolled in fast and that photo is unbelievable. It looks fake!So glad you liked the museum, but I am sorry half of it was closed! It really is so interesting. Dad sure looks like he enjoyed it :)You guys are so fun. I am seriously going through withdrawals this week!! Everything is better when family is around to share it with.


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