A Zoo Day

Thanks to an offer on Groupon, I spent the morning with Gene Taylor, a local photographer, and his assistant Megan Verone, at the Greenville Zoo.  They gave us some instruction and awed us with their arsenal of equipment and knowledge.  I even enjoyed hanging out with the other photography novices like me who were out for a morning of learning and bonding with each other.  I will definitely be taking another class with these folks! 
I fell in love with this little guy!  He looked like he was a handful for his parents!
What is it about babies that make us act like idiots when we see them? 
The amphibians were such hams today!  All of them posed like they new what they were doing!

The Greenville Zoo just introduced one-year-old female triplet Amur Leopards, Jade, Emerald, and Clover last week.  They were born on St. Patrick’s Day last year in South Bend, Indiana, hence the names.  Nearing extinction, there are less than 40 left in the wild and only about 200 in zoos. 

This is me… nagging David!


David’s response!


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