"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt"

Humanity, optimism, dignity, and acceptance… these are just some of the words that define what
Special Olympics is all about.  It is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those with intellectual disabilities while at the same time enriching our communities.  It gives the athletes an opportunity to feel pride in their accomplishments and the volunteers an amazing experience.  The doors to diversity and tolerance are opened wide and the avenues to acheivment are layed out for all who wish to walk through those doors and down those roads.

Today at Furman University, I got to watch the spring games take place on one of the most beautiful, campuses in the country.  Over 1000 athletes and over 1500 volunteers took part in what was truly an awe-inspiring day!  The competitors in the 18 different events pushed themselves to run faster, jump longer and throw farther than they ever have before.  They were dedicated to their competitions and were outwordly thrilled to be a part of them!  Their exuberance and smiles were contagious!

I applaud all the volunteers for the time, love and support they dedicate to this organization!  Without them there would be no games!  And, I applaud Eunice Kennedy Shriver for starting a summer day camp way back in June of 1962 at her home in Maryland.  This camp was the foundation for what would become the Special Olympics.

Every person, regardless of whatever different abilities they may have, can contribute, can be a source of joy, can beam with pride and love.

–Eunice Kennedy Shriver


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