So Proud!

As I watched my son get ready to leave the house Friday morning, I couldn’t help but brim with pride.  He was on his way to Camp Old Indian to take part in a program that works with middle school boys and girls that need some extra attention. 

After breaking up into groups, the kids along with their counselors hiked, took part in fire building contests with flint (Zach’s team won!), met with the Greenville K-9 Unit, and participated in other team building activities.

This particular program is just one of the many programs that Zach’s Service Learning class at Mauldin H.S. takes part in throughout the school year.  They volunteer at soup kitchens, help with the Special Olympics, and assist at Bethel Elementary during the week.  Zach also has one boy he meets with once a week at Mauldin Elementary to mentor. 

What started out as a way for Zach to beef up his upcoming college apps has turned into a valuable learning experience for him.  I think he has truly enjoyed being a part of this class and I hope that it has set a foundation for him to continue service work in the future.

So here’s to you Zach and all the Service Learning students!  You have set a wonderful example and you should be proud!  I know I am!


One thought on “So Proud!

  1. Alexa

    This is such a great opportunity, especially the mentoring! I still remember the little girl I mentored freshman year of college. It's a memory that really stays with you 🙂 I am so glad he is getting such a great experience!


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