Dappled Light, Rushing Water, and a Flying Turkey?

Sunday was spent hiking beautiful trails at Jones Gap State Park.  Jones Gap is part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness area and combined with Caesar’s Head State Park covers 11,000 pristine acres!  The Middle Saluda River wanders its way through the park offering its pretty views and calming sounds to all.

Blue sky, puffy clouds, fresh air
Clean, clear, cold water flowing
Rocks, leaves, trees, new growth

 Step, breathe, climb, breathe, sweat

Hear the silence
Watch your step!
Slippery leaves

Wet rocks, green moss
Wild flowers-so pretty
Click, click, click

Rest your feet
PB and J?
Guzzle water

Dappled sunlight, landscape changes

Sweat, breathe
No talking


TURKEY FLIES! (yes really)
Heart pounds, scared stiff

Elevation changes, muscles work

Majestic view
Say cheese!

Riverbeds, wet shoes
muddy shoes (just mine)


Hear the River!
Getting closer?

Breathing slows, legs are tired

See the River!
We made it?

Lead feet
walk back to the car…

Great day!


One thought on “Dappled Light, Rushing Water, and a Flying Turkey?

  1. Alexa

    That white flower (fifth picture down) is amazing and the water shots almost don't look real. What a fun day!! I love how you two have been taking advantage of Greenville and its surrounding areas. Such a great way to kick off spring!


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