My Birthday Boy

This man makes me laugh every day! He is goofy and silly and even though he sometimes repeats stories over and over by saying things like…Did I ever tell you about the time I caught a permit? (and yes this was said in a deep tone of voice!), I will never get tired of his “humorous nature”.  I know! I know!  It’s a Moyer thing!  Well thank you to all of the Moyers out there who have contributed to my husband’s zaniness.  He only annoys me every once in a great while!

I love how he loves his kids with every ounce of his soul, how he adores his brothers from afar though deeply wishes they were near and that he appreciates his parents more and more every day!  He is caring, loves unconditionally, and he is the strongest man I know.  He makes me so happy and he is my rock!  I am thankful every day that he is my husband!

Happy Birthday David Moyer!  I love you Birthday Boy!



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