Wanderings and Wonderings Saturday Style

I am convinced that no matter where you live in the world you can always find surprises that make you ooh and aah!  With a few destinations in mind and a Saturday afternoon to spare, my hubby and I hopped in the car (camera in tow of course), and set out to explore yet more of what our local surroundings has to offer. 

Starting at The Beacon, a Spartanburg, South Carolina landmark, we nourished ourselves with some artery clogging, cholesterol raising, and absolutely yummy food!  One Chili Cheese A-Plenty and one Beacon Burger A-Plenty later, we were off to the next item on our treasure hunt list.  Hey!  One visit every few years can’t hurt!  Right?

Next stop, Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve.  Here, I guided my other half through twisting paths of woodlands, gardenscapes and what is obviosly a labor of love.  This plot of land purchased by Harold and Josephine Hatcher in 1969 started out as one acre of weed infested, neglected land.  It now encompasses 10 acres and is filled with ponds, wildlife, trees, and flowers.  It sits nestled in a not-so-pretty urban landscape and is a welcome breath of fresh air to anyone who enters.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hatcher years ago and was inspired by this slight man with a strong vision and love of the beauty of our natural environment.  Apparently, many others are as well.  Local financial support and volunteers help keep the “Wood” thriving.

This sleeping squirrel looked like he had a rough night.  I must say I am a little concerned I may find him in the same place next time.  Let’s just hope he “slept it off”!

These cypress trees make me think of elephant feet!

“A sculptor sees a rock and can see what it will be when he finishes with it. 
That’s the way I am when I see a woods.”
~ Harold Hatcher
“Bridges of Greeville County” anyone? 
Our day ended with a stroll across the only covered bridge left in South Carolina,  Campbell’s Covered Bridge.   This bridge built in 1909 spans the Beaverdam Creek and was built to enable local residents easier and more efficient access to a corn grist mill.  Today, it is surrounded by a restful park area with picnic areas and benches to sit on while listening to the creek and admiring the not-so-square or plumb bridge.  Hey, who cares if it’s straight!  It’s the only one left standing in SC right?

David did some research on the bridge and found out the paint color that was used. This way he was sure not to clash with the bridge while being photographed.  He is so clever!

Yikes!  It looks like it’s going to tip over!

So I will chock this up as one more Saturday well spent wandering around and happily wondering…
What next?

One thought on “Wanderings and Wonderings Saturday Style

  1. Alexa

    Gorgeous!! I have always wanted to see that bridge and this makes me nudge it higher up my list. And I am dying over that squirrel. He might not be ok!! haha. I am so glad that you and Valentine Boy had such a fun day date! :)Oh, and if you could please blog about Grandpa's birthday dinner, that'd be great. hahaha 🙂


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