A Taste of Spring

One of the cool things about living in the South is that even though one week you may have a half foot of snow to wonder at, a week and a half later you have 70 degrees and beautiful, warm sunshine to bask in. 

Oh what a lovely weekend it has been!

Downtown Greenville was full of families picnicking, playing football, going to the zoo, and hitting the playgrounds.  Hungry folks sat outside to enjoy their meals and dogs sat patiently on their leashes while their little people got to frolic in Falls Park.

David and I decided to walk the 10K route for the upcoming Reedy River Run to see if we could cut it.  I think we both decided after we finished the hilly, strenuous course that maybe we better stick with running the 5K this year.  The walk was beautiful though.  Even with no leaves on the trees or flowers in bloom the landscape and the people made me realize what a happy, lively city we live in.

After our walk we ate REALLY bad at a new restaurant called Carolina Alehouse.  Very yummy!  David claims his Cuban Panini Burger was one of the best sandwiches he has had in quite some time.  I had the Original Alehouse Burger which was pretty good as well.  One piece of advice, if you want good service, do NOT sit at the bar!  Total chaos!  Oh!  And they have a rooftop bar! Yet one more way to view the city!

After our meal, David decided to get cheeky with one of the local statues!

McBee and McCool
I don’t know why I love this clock so much!  It has been in many of the pictures I have taken.

A magical carriage ride!

I borrowed this photo from Google images but isn’t it pretty?
Oh how I wish I had taken more pictures on this beautiful day!  I am fairly certain that Mother Nature played a cruel trick on us this weekend and that I may need some inspiration to get me through the rest of winter. 
Oh well!  Happy Hibernation!  We shall soon see what Punxsatawny Phil has to say!

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