Unconditional Love

Unconditional love…

Yep!  Today has been one of those days where I have been tested in my ability to adhere to my belief in the term.

I decided to take a half day off work.   I took my time driving home, listened to some good music and enjoyed the “balmy” 54 degree day with the window down.  With good intentions of getting our dog and myself some fresh air and good excersise, I proceeded to walk Prince Jake 4 miles.  Now if you don’t know Jake, he is one of those dogs that tends to find trouble if he doesn’t have enough excersise.  We are bound to find toilet paper rolls sprawled all over the house, broken butter containers (yes, that is plural), uneaten but played with oranges, and many more weird items that we have no idea how the little mischief maker finds.

So you would think on a day like today Jake would be worn out and not so inquisitive.  You know, like passed out, in a doggy trance, dreaming of chasing squirrels.  WRONG! 

He patiently waited for me to make a mistake in his Jake-like way.  Panting on the floor like he was exhausted, he watched me take an inventory of my pantry (I have baking plans this weekend).  I made my list and went on my merry-I love this weather-way to Publix. 

I arrived back from the store greeted by Jake and his nubbin just a waggin… AND A KITCHEN FLOOR COVERED IN SUGAR!  I must have left the mostly full bag on the counter! I had been bamboozled by his pathetic heavy breathing and his Academy Award worthy acting like he was dying! 

Now, if you have ever had almost a whole bag of sugar, much of it in hardened, saliva-induced clumps on your floor, you would know that it is a pain in the you know what to clean up.  I have had to mop and remop several times and I still hear my shoes peel away from the tile like velcro as I walk over it. 
Deep breath…Sigh…

As I finish this rant of a post, Jake is sunbathing and snoring in his usual spot on the landing to the upstairs.  As I look at his sweet face lying there passed out, in a doggy trance, and dreaming of chasing squirrels, I can’t help but wonder when the sugar high will kick in (yes, there is such a thing isn’t there Alexa?).  Let’s hope he’s a good boy and waits til his brother and daddy get home.  I’m going shopping! 


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