Today, my husband ran his first 5K race! 
Yes!  Believe it!
This is a man determined to finish no matter what (yes, even death was an option!), and finish he did!!!!
I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of his accomplishment, and though he continues to be rather modest about reaching this particular goal, I know he is proud of the feat as well!
He can now officially put his name among the list of those who have run a 5K and begin setting his goals for another!
But walkers beware!  He has already developed somewhat of an opinion about where y’all belong on the race course.  Please stay out of his way in future races!  This man doesn’t play!!
Congratulations David Moyer!  I love you!

One thought on “00:31:43

  1. Alexa

    This is the man that once (or thrice) declared that "bridges weren't made for running." What's next? A haircut??Oh, I'm kidding. Hooray for Dad!! I am so proud!


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