I think I need to check my longitude and latitude to make sure I still live in the South!  Overnight and today we accumulated over 6 inches of snow!  That meant no school for the little kids and no work for the big kids!!  It has been a nice treat for everyone!

My hubby and I took a drive to one of the very few local eateries that were open and tipped the waiter very well since he was one of only two “troopers” to show up to work.  What a work ethic!  We later took Jake for a walk, built a fire, and had a nip or two to celebrate the day! 

Even though I long for Spring, I appreciate the beauty of the blanket Mother Nature wrapped us in today!

An oxymoron!  A conch in the snow!

A lovely crystal blanket!

Snowy “Tree Man”

Fluffy plumes of snow covered Pampas!

Baby Icicles

Snow Bird


One thought on “SNOW DAY!!

  1. Alexa

    I'm sorry I've been a terrible commenter lately, but my internet is miraculously back, so I am, too! I LOVE this post! It's one of my favorites you have done! Your photos are so pretty and whimsical. Gosh, I love winter.


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