I must say, a snowy Christmas Day in South Carolina was quite a treat, but having lived in the South for 17 years, I have found that I am not quite as hardy as I once was.  There is snow in the forcast for late this weekend but I am already longing for the warm, sunny days to come.  Rewind 6 months and I am……

… at Summerland Key. 

Last summer our family spent what seemed like way too short a week at this little piece of paradise in the Florida Keys over July 4th.  Barring a few small obstacles we managed to soak up every bit of our tropical surroundings and head back North with some great memories. 

Thanks Kylee for the amazing firework art!

Don’t you feel good now???  I do!


One thought on “Reflections

  1. Alexa

    I've been mad at you for this post and it's time to tell you why. Can we not just enjoy winter?! My goodness.Ok, I am over it now. That was such a great trip! I think about it a lot. Those sunsets…that outdoor shower….ahh…


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