A short visit in Philly

My time in Philly was mostly spent in meetings gathering ideas and information from other ARAMARK sites to take back and utilize at my museum location.  I met managers from Mesa Verde, Hearst Castle, Lake Powell, Pikes Peak and the Oregon Zoo.  These are just a few of the many interesting venues we inhabit.  I was excited by the enthusiasm these people had for their respective businesses and was reminded of what a wonderful company I work for.

I did have some time to venture out for a while so  I wandered by the animated windows at Macy’s. They told the story of a letter written by a little girl named Virginia to the editor of  the New York’s Sun pleading for an answer to the question, “Is there a Santa Claus?  I thought the windows were charming and appreciated all the tedious cutting of paper required to make the displays.  (No snickering Alexa!!)

After admiring the pretty windows, I stepped inside Macy’s, not to shop, but to oogle at the huge light display that has been a Philadelphia tradition since 1956. All the children gather on the floor and stare in wonderment and awe at the display before them and not one of them moves!  Behind the tree at the bottom you can see the Wannamaker Organ!
I then decided to track down a burger place called Square Burger that was supposed to have a burger very similar to Shake Shack in NY.  It started as a tent covered operation and is now housed in a cute little building at Franklin Square Park which has a carosel and putt-putt golf and I can only imagine what a wonderful place it is to visit during the warmer months.  As for the burger…It was delicious!  So was the Philly Dog (kosher all beef hot dog wrapped in kosher salami, pickle, onion, cherry peppers, plum tomatoes, mustard)!  Yes, that’s right!   I got a burger and a Philly Dog and ate both completely!  It was well worth my visit and I am not the least bit ashamed of my over-indulgence!  Don’t worry Shake Shack, I still think you’re the best but you have a very close second at your heels!
City Center is still the prettiest part of Philadelphia in my mind, especially at night.  It is right outside my hotel and I never get tired of looking at it!

Wednesday afternoon I made a nostalgic visit to Moriarty’s.  This is an Irish Pub that David and I frequented last year on our visit.  It is quaint and homey and cozy and I love the people and yes, I went to a bar for the first time in my life by myself!  In my defense, I only went because my husband said I had to go and enjoy a Guiness for him and re-enjoy our favorite watering hole.  I met a great bartender!  She gave me some pilsner glasses they were getting rid of and a couple of t-shirts to take home.  Ahh the city of sisterly love!!!  I lost many of my pictures but I salvaged one and when I look at it it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy!
I then decided to check out Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Village.

Nothing like Scrooge and Tiny Tim to get you in the spirit!
Finally, while at the Reading Terminal Market, I came upon the Flying Monkey Patisserie!  They make amazing pasteries and are famous for their Pummple Cake!  At 1800 calories a slice, it is definitely not for someone planning on eating anything else for the rest of the day!  I decided to go the healthier route and bring home a dozen of Flying Monkey’s Whoopie Pies.  I got Red Velvet, Pumpkin Chai, Pumpkin, and Cookies and Creme.  They survived the flight home but I highly doubt they will last the next 2 days.  These little puffs of heaven are amazing!   I will even go as far to say that they are the best sweet treats I have ever had!  Seriously!

Thank you Philly for yet another hospitable trip!  See you next year!

One thought on “A short visit in Philly

  1. Alexa

    I am offended. You think that I can't appreciate a simple, old-fashioned paper display?! I will have you know that while I appreciate the beauty of the elaborate windows of, say, Bergdorfs, I PREFER the Christmas windows that remind me of yore :)But I forgive you because I am so proud that you went to Moriarty's by yourself. While it is usually more fun to share experiences with others, sometimes it's really nice to just do something with yourself!I am happy to hear that Shake Shack stills reigns. It's just so good. And those whoopie pies look delicious! I love that you took a box home and I'm betting that they are already gone. You know, because of JAKE and all…cough, cough….Dad…cough…I am so glad that you had such a fun time!! Wish I could have joined you. Next time…


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