Decking the Halls!

Ok, so you decide that this is the weekend that the Christmas decorations go up.  You bring everything down from the attic, you purchase the tree, you calm your husband down because he is so excited to be a part of all of this Holiday cheer (sarcasm) and you get busy!

Now, I don’t know if it’s my age, the fact that I have no female in the house to enjoy the festivities with or that I have a dog that’s trying to eat every Christmas berry, tree clipping or lightbulb that drops, but my decorating experience this year was less than spectacular. I didn’t even have my Home Alone soundtrack playing!  I was being a big ole Scrooge. 

Then Alexa introduced me to Elf Yourself .  Oh boy did I begin to enjoy myself and get into the spirit!  I “Elfed” everyone in the family!  I posted them on Facebook and e-mailed them!  I laughed myself silly!  So much fun!  David may have even gotten a text from Alexa telling him I was out of control!  And yes I was but it did the trick!  So thank you Alexa for coming to my rescue in the Christmas spirit department!  If I find myself humbugging in the coming weeks, you will surely find me Elfing someone!

By the way, my house did get decorated and I am happily admiring the end result as we speak!


One thought on “Decking the Halls!

  1. Alexa

    Our house looks GORGEOUS! Ahhhh I have chills. LOVE the new curtains, LOVE the coffee table's new spot, LOVE the last picture. Ohmygoodness. This post makes me feel good :)p.s. sorry the boys are cotton-headed ninnymuggins. all three of them.


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