Happy Thanksgiving! Part 3

Kids make the Holidays that much more special and yesterday was no exception! 

Audrey and Andrew painted Christmas ornaments and saved a gingerbread house for later while Lucca took it all in and the big boys played a little football after dinner.

My dad and Bert’s house is so warm and welcoming and always has just the right touches to add to all of our family get togethers. Thank you both for a wonderful day and I can’t wait to do it again at Christmas! I love you!

And for Alexa…  Just in case you were missing a little androgeny and snow falling on pines!  Always topics of discussion!!  XOXOXOXO

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving! Part 3

  1. Alexa

    hahahahahaha I am DYING here! I decided to wait to comment after I saw all three posts, so here goes. First, Grandpa's turkey pictures made me cry I laughed so hard. And thank you for the art. It's not a holiday without it!It looks like yet another wonderful holiday at Bert and George's! And that is such a cute idea to take a photo of everyone! I am sad that I missed it, but I was busy baiting you guys for next year :)Love the football pictures, love Audrey, and love our family.And p.s. Did we get some new family members??


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