Happy Thanksgiving! Part 1

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! 

For me, Thanksgiving means gathering with family and friends, sharing great food and laughing about the same things every year, over and over again.  It means little ones preparing for a month of  Christmas anticipation, big ones preparing for a month of shopping, decorating, and baking, and family pets ready for all the hustle and bustle to settle down. 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate being surrounded by the ones we love and to realize how much we miss those who couldn’t be with us.  Thanksgiving is warm and fuzzy!

The following pictures have been made possible by Lucca’s adorable headress he wore for his Thanksgiving Presentation at school.  Thank you Lucca! 

Just a side note…Some of the participants enjoyed this more than others!  Jasmine just refused completely, Squiggy was nowhere to be found, and I forgot to have someone snap a pic of me!


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