Thankful for the chance to travel…

A week from today I will be in Philadelphia for my company’s annual vendor show and manager’s meetings.  Last year I had the privlege of having my husband go with me! We explored the history, character and charm of this wonderfully surprising city together. 

Unfortunately, this year I will go it alone and I will really miss having him there.  We had such a great time searching for all the Philly touristy spots I had marked off in my travel book and fitting in as much sight-seeing as possible in our short lived visit. 

The Rocky steps and statue, the Rodin museum, Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Moriarty’s (a few times!), and the Liberty Bell were just some of the places we acquainted ourselves with while there.  The City of Brotherly Love did not disappoint!!

So, again, I will miss my travel companion but will count on his company next year so I can show him all of the new places I find while I am there on my own.  I will also count on his company to enjoy yet one more Guiness at Moriarty’s because it just won’t be the same without him!

City Center

Moriarty’s -Our favorite little Irish Pub

The Liberty Bell

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge spanning the Delaware River

Christ Church where many of our Founding Fathers worshipped

The giant heads of David and Balzac

I got to sign the Declaration of Independence

Standing in front of Rodin’s The Gates of Hell

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

A pretty church


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