Giving Thanks to Visitors

Today was a day for visitors.  Big visitors and little ones too! 

My day started at work with a visit from “THE” Martha Stewart!  She came to BMW to see what the BMW Manufacturing plant was all about and to custom order a BMW X3 online!  She will air the episode she and her film crew shot on December 6 or 7. 

She was spotted last night in Greenville dining at a local restaurant and at Home Depot.  This morning before she came to the Zentrum, she stopped at Starbucks where the barrista asked what name she should put on her cup!  Oh these young folk!  Don’t even know a star when they see one!

Anyway, what a treat it was to watch the whole process and be personally introduced to Martha! 

Good Times!

After the “Martha” experience, little Miss Abbey Ianuario came to visit with all her new teeth and she brought Mee Maw and Papa along too!  Love this little piece of Pie!  She has her very own cell phone and loves keys!
Sadly, little Miss Abbey had to leave but Rowan arrived and kept us all giggling!  What a sweet, funny boy he is and he is growing so fast!  His mommy and daddy sure are lucky!  Come back soon Rowan!

Though I had many wonderful visitors today, we still are awaiting little Noah!  But he will arrive when he is ready and then he can come to the Zentrum to play too!  Such a pretty mommy!  


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