Counting my blessings for…

1.  Courteous drivers who let you out in 5 o’clock traffic when no one else will.

2.  The patience I had today while waiting for that courteous driver!!!!

3.  The time change, once again, because when you have to be at work on Tuesday mornings at 6:15, it is so nice to see daylight so early in the morning!

4.  Word templates that let me produce creative looking Holiday Party invitations for my staff.  I am not the most imaginative person in the world but I look like it!  Perception is everything!

5.  Funny IT guys you get on the phone!  I had to have the help desk set up a temporary password for a guest at work and he gave me the password 8675309!  It took me a minute but then I started busting out laughing!  Jenny! I got your number!!   This guy made my day!

What are you thankful for today?


One thought on “Counting my blessings for…

  1. Alexa

    Today I am thankful for…1. A little extra sleep this morning–I had to go to Columbia University first thing, which is not too far from my apartment. I got a few extra minutes in my warm bed :)2. Yummy soup for lunch. Perfect for a chilly fall day.3. Jazz music on my Ipod. Perfect for a subway ride. 4. Apple cider in my fridge. Yum.5. A two-hour long phone conversation with Morgan tonight. It was great to catch up!


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