Things I am thankful for today…

Since Thanksgiving is less than 4 weeks away I decided this month I am going to devote my blog to things I am thankful for.

Today’s list includes but is not limited to the following!

  1. My “handyman husband” for removing my old and installing my new dishwasher.  I promise I did not sabotage the old one but I must say I thoroughly enjoy the look and sound (or lack of sound) of the new one!  Thanks honey!
  2. Beautiful Saturdays where I can go along with my “handyman husband” and my “junkyard dog” to the dump, in an old truck, listening to country music!  It doesn’t get much better than this!!  Seriously!!
  3. The end to daylight savings time because it gives me an extra hour to my weekend!  And yes, I am with you Alexa!  I don’t mind a bit that it gets dark earlier!  I feel like I have more down time in the evening at home.
  4. Cold days and nights because it gives me an excuse to build a fire which makes my cozy home even more cozy!
  5. My adorable antique Bailey’s coffee cups that wink at me every time I walk by!  Thanks Diane Keith for the gift years ago!
  6. Sweet, sleepy dogs that can enjoy a big cozy fire after a hard days work!
  7. Candles!  Not Christmasey ones yet….too early!  Alexaaaa!
  8. That I wake up everyday and know I have the most wonderful family to make my life meaningful and most definitely never boring!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


One thought on “Things I am thankful for today…

  1. Alexa

    THIS is my favorite post you have EVER done! ahhh! I love the fire, I love the winking cups, and I love how cozy our house looks. This is beautiful!!


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