Happy Halloween Weekend!

My weekend started early! My mom came to visit so I took Friday off to spend an extra day with her!
We began with a late night on Thursday when she arrived, talking and laughing and catching up. My mom never ceases to make me laugh until my stomach hurts and my eyes tear up! Thanks Mom!
We took long walks, went hiking at Caesars Head State Park, watched movies, ate gelato, visited downtown,carved a jack-o-lantern, and laughed some more. Oh yeah, and she even helped with yard work. We fit all this into 2 1/2 days!
I am so glad I got to enjoy this time with my Mom. These times are too few and far between and I miss her a bunch!

A random ostrich at a roadside farm stand on the way to Caesars Head!

I love you Mom!!

One thought on “Happy Halloween Weekend!

  1. Alexa

    I don't even know where to begin!1. That picture of you is so beautiful! Your eyes and hair match and contrast so prettily (a new word?)! It may be my favorite picture of you.2. I can't stop laughing at that ostrich's neck! It just keeps going!!3. The picture of you and Dad is so cute and Jake is too funny gazing out the window!!I am glad you had such a fun weekend with your mom! I think you two may have me and you beat on what can be squeezed into a weekend!


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